"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent."

Photographer: David Leonard Martinsen

Oriental Dance:
something amazing.

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Dance is the universal language of expression, transcending boundaries to touch the soul. Through movement and rhythm, it celebrates the human spirit, igniting passion and evoking emotions. In its embrace, individuals find liberation, connection, and the purest expression of themselves, turning moments into memories and dreams into reality.

The mesmerizing melodies of Arabic maqam weave a tapestry of emotions that resonate deep within the soul, captivating hearts with their profound beauty and stirring spiritual resonance.

Music from the "early days"

At the heart of Mina's mesmerizing shows lie vintage LP vinyl albums from the golden era of the Middle East, featuring legendary artists such as Oum Kalthoum and Fairouz. With an unwavering dedication to authenticity, Mina infuses each performance with a retro flair, both in style and costume, captivating her Norwegian and Tunisian audiences for the past two decades. 

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- When DREAMS 
her LIFE ...

Mina Ali is today a certified dance instructor, choreographer and performance artist.  Since her relocation to Tunisia in 2016, she has collaborated with orchestras, singers, and actors in her performances and have the past years working as the main dancer at Teatro Lolla, known for its revolutionary retro-trendy highclass spot in the hearth of Tunis. 

With a heritage blending Norwegian and Tunisian/Syrian roots, Mina Ali's passion for oriental dance traces back to her early years, inspired by the captivating allure of classic Egyptian cinema.

Borned and raised in Oslo, Mina startet to learn from she was a teenager back in 2004 at "Hilde Lunds Oriental dance School".  Mina's dedication to the art form has only deepened over time studying in Cairo with her favourite Egyptian teachers and choreographers. Her exploration extends beyond mere technique, encompassing the rich tapestry of Egyptian folklore and the theatrical dances of esteemed masters like Mahmoud Reda. In 2015, she delved into Andalusian dances, as a part of the AATEC program -  Al Andalous Teaching Training program & Mahmoud Reda Legacy, by Nesma Al Andalous. 

Presently, Mina leads the "Al Farah Dance Association" in Norway, where she organize a yearly dance festival in Oslo and produces yearly magazines in Norway about oriental dance, music and culture. Balancing her commitments between Norway and Tunisia, she has been honored with appearances on prestigious platforms, including Norwegian TV in 2013 on TV3's "Petters Kiste," and subsequent features on various
Tunisian television channels since 2016.

As a dancer, Mina Ali is fiercely dedicated to dismantling the stigma surrounding oriental dance and ensuring the preservation of this art form within the dance industry. With every graceful movement and impassioned performance, she strives to challenge misconceptions and showcase the depth and complexity of dance as an expressive medium. Mina believes that dance is not just entertainment but a powerful means of communication, capable of conveying emotions, stories, and cultural heritage. Through her tireless efforts, she seeks to elevate the status of dancers and secure their rightful place as artists deserving of respect and recognition. Mina's unwavering commitment to breaking barriers and fostering appreciation for dance serves as an inspiration to fellow dancers and enthusiasts alike, driving forward a movement towards greater inclusivity and appreciation for this timeless art.


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